Jarret Reid: Skating With Balance, Power and Speed

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There’s hockey skating and then there’s hockey skating. Knowing the difference and working hard and consistently at the basic elements is what sets pro hockey players apart from weekend warriors. And even the weekend warriors will have more fun if they take the difference to heart in improving their game.

It’s all about balance, power and speed coming together in what becomes practiced and polished skating technique. One without the other won’t cut it. Attention to the basics makes it come about almost naturally.

Proper hockey skating starts, of course, with the right position. In hockey, this means engaging every part of the body. You see it when pros are on the ice. Their knees are bent, at 90 degrees. Feet, about a shoulder length apart, are under the hips. Think box, not triangle. Their hips are low, their rears are out and their shoulders back. Most importantly, their heads and eyes are up. To do otherwise would have them falling forward.