Jarret Reid In The News

Learn about Jarret Reid's career as a professional hockey player and what he emphasizes as a successful Canadian hockey instructor.

Jarret Reid, Director of Skill Development

BURLINGTON, ON, July 27, 2017 /CNW/ - Four well-known names as players and coaches in the hockey world have joined forces for the startup of the new season of Junior Cougars Hockey in Burlington, Ontario

Jarret Reid - Being a Power Skating hockey coach

The world of coaching, especially minor league coaching and coaching a sport as nationally competitive as hockey, is not an easy one. After all, it seems like the level of competition, not to mention violence, in minor league hockey

Jarret Reid, former hockey player, talks about 1993 Memorial Cup win

In Canada, not many sports are more rarefied and more ingrained in the country’s culture than hockey. Although the exact origins of the game are contested, hockey, first known as shinnie, is a sport that was first played

Jarret Reid’s Power Skating Means Comfort on Ice First and Foremost

Like other sports, in order to become good in hockey, as in really good, enough to become a professional hockey player, talent, knowledge, experience, and many, many years of training are all required.

Jarret Reid, Hockey Instructor: ‘Good News, Hockey Fighting In Decline’

Many observers believe that fighting in pro hockey is on a downward trend. With that said, although the goon may be on the endangered list, the species isn’t extinct just yet.

Quality Nutrition – Why It’s So Vital for Young Hockey Players

It’s not just a breakfast of champions that helps develop young hockey players. It takes good nutrition at lunch and dinner and maybe not so much pre- or post-game